Welcome to Shopify

Intro to Shopify

Follow the initial setup guide to start selling, get an overview of Shopify's platform and features, and learn ways that you can sell your products.

Your account

Learn about your Shopify account and how to manage your staff's access, invoices, and financing.

Migrating to Shopify

Find tips for moving your online store to Shopify from another platform.

Shopify community

Access learning resources and discuss all things Shopify with other merchants.

Ways to sell

Selling online

Use an online store or other sales channels to sell your products on the internet.

Selling in person

Use the Shopify POS app to sell in any retail setting using an iPad, iPhone, or Android.

Set up and run your store


Add products, build collections, and manage your inventory.

Themes for your online store

Learn about Shopify themes and find a look that suits your store.


Set up and configure different payment methods to manage how your customers can pay for your products.


Learn about what a domain is, where to buy a domain, and how to set up a domain in Shopify.


Choose and manage how you get products to your customers.


Review all your orders and manage them from creation to fulfillment.


Set up Shopify's default tax rates or create overrides and exemptions.


Learn how to enable customer accounts, add to your customer list, view customer details, and manage customer information.


View data and reports to gain insights into your business.

Productivity tools

Learn about productivity tools to speed up your workflow.


Find apps to add features, drive business, and make managing your store more efficient.

Marketing and discounts

Learn how to make a marketing plan and improve traffic and increase conversions in your store.

Designing themes

Want to build a Shopify theme? Our theme documentation includes examples, resources and tutorials to help you build and design a Shopify theme.

Learn about themes

Developing apps

Want to develop a Shopify app? Check out our comprehensive API and use our tutorials to learn how to build an app and submit it to the Shopify App Store.

Learn about Shopify's APIs

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