Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get asked about our affiliate program. Read on to see if your question is answered here.

Our tracking cookies last 30 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a free trial within 30 days. When that free trial ends and the user becomes a paying customer at any time, you will earn a commission.

Does it cost money to become an affiliate?

The program is free to join. There are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate?

You will need a website, blog or a verifiable identity on LinkedIn or Facebook. Your application might be denied if you leave the website field blank, or if the website you include is not live.

Generally, all websites can participate. For legal, ethical, and other various reasons, Shopify reserves the right to refuse certain websites, including websites that contain:

  • Pornographic content
  • Direct linking through paid ads
  • Toolbar or forced click traffic
  • Incentives, GPT, or Get Paid To sites
  • Coupons, deals, or discount sites
  • Youth-endangering material
  • Defamation or discrimination against a person or a group of people because of their religion, their race, their handicap, or other reasons
  • Racist or sexist content
  • Intellectual property infringement of others

Are there any restricted promotion methods for affiliates?

If you are sending paid traffic (PPC, PPV, Media Buys) to Shopify, it is required to that you send the traffic through a landing page or web property first. We do not allow direct linking without written approval from the Affiliate team.

Although we do allow paid traffic as long as it doesn’t directly link to Shopify, you are not permitted to use Shopify trademarks, with or without modifiers, in the ad copy or as keywords.

Can I have multiple websites?

Yes. You're welcome to promote Shopify through all web properties you own or are allowed to promote on as long as you don't use restricted methods. Make sure you include any additional URLs in the "How do you plan on promoting Shopify?" field when you apply to the program.

Do I earn commission from themes, apps, and other products outside of the subscription?

No, not under the affiliate program. You earn commission from the plan subscriptions you bring to Shopify. Apps and themes are mostly developed by third-party partners and they earn the commission for building them.

How do I get paid and how often?

Credits to your Affiliate account are accumulated and paid out on the following schedule:

  • For all credits created between the 1st to and including the 15th of the month, payment will occur 5 business days after the 15th day of the month.
  • For all credits created between the 16th to and including the last day of the month, payment will occur 5 business days after the last day of the month.

Payments will be delivered by PayPal in USD. Any money owed to you will be paid out twice monthly as long as your balance is above $25 USD. If your balance is below $25, it will be held until the next payout period.

Where can I find Shopify banners?

You will receive banners inside your welcome email, but you can also access our assets here. You can link to Shopify using text links or banners. When you've selected the banner you want to use, copy and paste the code into your website or blog.

Can I use graphics and images from the Shopify website to promote Shopify?

In certain unique situations, you might be allowed to use some content for promotion. We ask that you request permission before using any content or graphics from the Shopify site.

Can I create my own custom graphics and images to promote Shopify?

You can create custom banners and material to promote Shopify, but be sure to follow the brand guidelines when working with Shopify imagery and logos.

We suggest using the call to action Try it free today to maximize your click-throughs and conversions.

Can I be in both the Partner program and the Affiliate program?

Absolutely! We encourage all Partners to participate in our Affiliate Program.

Do you accept other payouts methods than PayPal?

No, we only accept PayPal for payouts.

I don't live in Canada. Can I still participate?

Yes! All we need to pay you is a valid PayPal account. We will make payments in USD.

Where can I see my sign-ups?

Log in to your affiliate dashboard and click Referrals in the menu.

Where can I see my payouts?

Log in to your affiliate dashboard, where the front page of your dashboard shows your payouts. You can also click Payouts in the menu.

What information can I track about the clients I refer?

You can track who your clients are, the total revenue in that pay period generated by your clients, and the total revenue to date from all your clients. For privacy reasons, you cannot see revenue from a specific client.

How do I dispute a payment amount?

For any payment disputes, contact your affiliate manager with the full details of the issue. We'll review your message and see what we can do to get it resolved.

Where can I see examples of successful merchants?

You can take a look at our Shopify Picks blog or Shopify's examples page.

How long does it take to get approved?

We manually process applications, and will complete yours in under 48 hours.