Design guidelines

For your app to be approved as a sales channel, it must be built using the component library from the Shopify Polaris design system. Although the Embedded App SDK lets you embed your sales channel directly inside of the Shopify admin, the component library makes sure your sales channel is consistent with with other sales channels and the rest of Shopify.

The component library includes styled modules and components for merchant onboarding and account configuration within your sales channel, such as notice banners, setting controls, form inputs, and modals.


The Sales Channel UI Kit has been deprecated. Use the information below to learn how to build a Sales channel using Shopify Polaris.

In the following sections (Onboarding and UX toolkit), we outline our guidelines for building a Sales channel. By giving a consistent experience across Shopify admin for our merchants it makes it easy for Shopify merchants to get started when using your sales channel.

Next steps