App requirements checklist for submitting apps to the Shopify App Store

If you build your app following the requirements in this checklist, then our merchants are much more likely to be delighted when using your app. This is the same checklist that Shopify's Apps team will use to review your app before it can be published in the Shopify App Store, so make sure you can check off each item.

If your app stops meeting these requirements, Shopify's Apps team might choose to delist it until it meets the requirements again.


Please read our success criteria documentation when submitting your app.


App name



The app listing is your calling card - it helps merchants find and understand how your app can help run their business. Your listing explains the features, user interface and functionality of your app.






Mobile app builders

Mobile app builders are great for Shopify merchants who want to extend their online stores to reach more customers. If you create a mobile app builder, then make sure that it uses Shopify’s native checkout.


Submitting your app

If you can confidently check off each item in the checklist above, then you're ready to submit your app for review by Shopify's Apps team.

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Sales Channel requirements

This is the checklist that Shopify will use to review your channel before it is made available for public install by merchants. Make sure you can check off these items before submitting your sales channel for review. You will also need to abide by the general requirements created for the App store. If your channel stops meeting these requirements, your sales channel may be removed from Shopify until the requirements are met again.

Channels should leverage the Embedded App SDK to create embedded apps capable of managing settings. These apps must be created using the Shopify Polaris component library. This allows apps to be loaded directly in the Shopify admin and access its native interface, and improves the workflow for merchants.


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