App requirements checklist for submitting apps to the Shopify App Store

If you build your app following the requirements in this checklist, our merchants are much more likely to be delighted when using your app. This is the same checklist that Shopify's Apps team will use to review your app before it can be published in the Shopify App Store, so make sure you can check off each item.

If your app stops meeting these requirements, we may choose to delist it until it meets the requirements again.


The apps team will reject an app at their discretion if they feel the quality and consistency of the app is not up to our merchant’s standards.

This checklist can be printed or saved as a PDF file:


Please read our success criteria documentation when submitting your app.


To prevent the app store from becoming bloated, we require that new submitted apps either solve new problems, or solve old problems at a better price.


As the App Store has grown, we've acquired some really great apps which allow our store owners to do a variety of different things quickly and easily. While we want to continue adding great apps to our App Store, the following app categories are quite saturated, and we might not accept more of these:

  • Meta tag editors
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Simple social sharing buttons
  • Social network authentication widgets
  • Facebook shops
  • Apps that process payments or orders outside of Shopify’s checkout

If you think your app is different enough to be published, let us know at

App name



The app listing is your calling card - it helps merchants find and understand how your app can help run their business. Your listing explains the features, user interface and functionality of your app.







Beta Testing

Beta testing is an important step when preparing your app for submission to the App Store. During beta testing, store owners can identify bugs in your code and provide you with feedback to help make your app even better.


Note that the maximum amount of time that an app can be in beta testing is 6 months. It is important that you thoroughly bug test your app and ensure that it adheres to our app best practices, before submitting for beta testing. Apps that remain in beta testing for longer than 6 months can be unpublished.

Submitting your app

If you can confidently check off each item in the checklist above, then you're ready to submit your app for review by Shopify's Apps team.

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