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Common app rejections

There are a few common reasons for apps to be rejected during the review process:

  • When a merchant clicks ‘Get’ from the app’s listing, the app does not immediately authenticate using Oauth before any other steps occur.

  • The app listing is incomplete or too short, or it includes missing screenshots, grammar and punctuation issues, or screencasts as a promotional video.

  • More API permissions are being asked for than are used by the app.

  • Uncaught errors and bugs.

  • Installations instructions were not provided when code is required to be added to a merchant’s store.

  • Sign up forms aren't auto populating: any sign-up or sign-in forms requiring store address and email address should auto populate. Using information from the shop object can pull this data from a merchant's store and help with auto-populating forms.

  • After install, the widget that the app is supposed to display is not active on merchant’s store.

  • Pricing information is not accurate.