Listing in the App Store

Every day, merchants depend on Shopify and their installed apps to run their businesses. It’s critical for them that this experience is of the highest quality and offers tangible value.

Before you submit your app, make sure that you understand Shopify's requirements and guidelines for the App Store. This will help your app get through the review process as quickly as possible.

Things to consider before building your app

Before you review the App Store requirements, make sure you consider the following:

  • The Shopify App Store is a marketplace for merchants to discover and install a wide range of apps and services. Your app must be built with the intention of attracting new merchants as users. This means that it must have a clear signup flow, and that any merchant can discover the app, set it up, and use it directly from install.

  • We currently don't accept apps that are payment gateways, that add features to an existing gateway, or that modify an existing gateway.

  • If a manual approval is required as part of the onboarding process for your app, then your app must include a dashboard so that merchants can still access the app and see their approval status.

  • Any charges within your app must use our Billing API to charge merchants.

  • Make sure you have plans to support the merchants who are using your app. Merchant support is a crucial factor for app success.

  • Your app should not just be a connector from one service to Shopify. If your app is a simple interface that asks for an API key and no additional functionality, then it does not belong on the App Store.

  • It is recommended that your app is using our Embedded App SDK.

  • Your app should be automated and should not include manual functions or processes unless absolutely necessary.

  • Your app should be thoroughly beta tested and bug-free upon submission.


Sometimes a judgement call is made for apps that are submitted that are toeing the line of requirements or usefulness to our merchants. If you feel like your app is one of these and would like to discuss it before submitting, please reach out to

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