Managing app reviews

Getting reviews is critically important to your success in the App Store, but asking for feedback on your app inevitably leads to the odd negative review.

Negative reviews can be helpful when they are legitimate, but they can hurt you if they’re not. As a developer, you are expected to work with your customers to fix the issues outlined in negative reviews. We encourage you to work with the customer to have the review changed or modified once the issue is addressed.

There are specific circumstances where we will intervene and potentially remove reviews from app listings. Please contact if a review includes any of the following criteria:

  • Inappropriate content: the review is clearly inflammatory or derogatory.

  • Personal information: reviews that contain phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or other personal information will be deleted to protect that person’s privacy.

  • Conflict of interest: reviews are meant to provide valuable and honest feedback to developers and other merchants. By honest, we mean that the merchant was not offered anything in exchange for their review. In addition, reviews left by an app developer or affiliated employee on a competing app or on their own app is not allowed.