Charging for your app FAQ

Can I use PayPal/Other as my billing mechanism, or do I have to use Shopify's application charge API endpoints?

For apps that are not free, ensure that you have implemented the Shopify Billing API. Use of other payment methods or systems is not permitted unless you have otherwise been notified by Shopify. Contact if you have any questions or concerns.

What is my share of the revenue?

As a developer, you are entitled to 80% of the revenue.

How is prorating handled for recurring application charges?

When a merchant upgrades or downgrades their application charge plan, the charge will be prorated accordingly. You can find more details here ›

What happens if a merchant that uses an accepted recurring app charge uninstalls my app?

If a user uninstalls your app before the first day of the independent app billing cycle, they are not charged for the following month. If they uninstall it after the first day of the billing cycle, they are charged. There is no pro-rating.

What happens to my payment when a shop cancels their Shopify account?

When a shop cancels their Shopify account, it is the same as when a shop uninstalls an app. Recurring app charges are not pro-rated.

What happens when I upgrade/downgrade an app plan for a shop with a recurring application charge?

Since a shop can only have one recurring charge per app, when you upgrade or downgrade a shop's plan, the previous recurring charge will be cancelled and replaced by the new charge. The new recurring charge will then be activated and the regular billing cycle will resume.

What happens to my payment when a shop changes its Shopify plan?

When a shop changes its Shopify plan, the shop's billing cycle restarts, but the recurring app charge cycle remains unchanged. You can register a webhook for the shop/update event to know when a shop changes its Shopify plan.

When does an unapproved app charge expire?

If an app charge (one-time or recurring) is not approved by the merchant within 48 hours, it expires and is deleted from the system. When this happens, you'll need to recreate the charge if you still want to bill the store owner.

How long does it typically take to get paid?

The Partner Dashboard only reports the money Shopify has successfully charged the store owner for the amount on their invoice, including the charges your app levied. That means if you've made a 30-day recurring charge, that charge won't be added to the running total in the Partner Dashboard until the store owner has paid Shopify for the invoice the charge was added to. For this reason, it may be up to 37 days between activating the charge and it appearing in your partner dashboard total summation.


Shopify store owner payment cycles are 30 days long with a 7 day invoice review period.