Shopify API reference

A comprehensive reference guide to the complete Shopify API.

Use our featured APIs to quickly integrate sophisticated Shopify functionality into your app:

  • Application proxies - Display data on a Shopify store page from an outside location.

  • Charging users for your app - Create and issue charges to store owners purchasing your app.

  • Carrier service - Register a new carrier service with a list of applicable shipping rates.

  • Fulfillment service - Register, edit, and delete new fulfillment services.

  • Liquid - Load dynamic content on storefronts with our liquid template language.

  • Multipass SHOPIFY PLUS - Manage your Shopify customers across multiple applications.

  • Script Tags - Load remote JavaScript into a shop's pages or checkout.

  • Webhooks - Retrieve and store data based on certain events in Shopify.


The following API resources are currently only available to Shopify Plus Customers: