Product APIs

Access and manipulate a store's catalog using product and collection APIs.

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Collect After creating a custom collection, add products to it by creating a collect for each product. Each collect associates one product with one custom collection.
CustomCollection Manage a store's custom collections. A custom collection is one where products are included manually, as opposed to being included automatically because they meet selection conditions.
Product Manage a store's products, which are the individual items and services for sale in the store.
Product Image Add or update a store's product images, which sales channels use to display the products to shoppers.
Product Variant Add or update a product's variants. Variants are the different combinations of the product's options. For example, a t-shirt product with size and color options might have a variant in a small size and blue color.
SmartCollection Create or update smart collections by defining selection conditions. Products that match the conditions are included in the collection automatically.