Visits schema

Properties are the available columns on the model.

Property Type Description
session_token string 30 minutes session token
user_token string lifetime token
timestamp timestamp time of first pageview
duration duration length of session (0 means single page load)
pageview_count number number of pages visited
page_type string Shopify name for a page's type
page_path string Page path
page_url string Full page url
channel_name string Shopify channel eg: Storefront, Buy Button
referrer_source string Referrer type (search or unknown)
referrer_host string Referrer full domain
referrer_path string Referrer url path
referrer_name string Human readible form of domain
referrer_terms string Search terms used
referrer_url string Full url of referrer
location_country string Session origin country name
location_country_code string Session origin country code
location_region string Session origin state/province
location_city string Session origin city
ua_form_factor string User agent form factor
ua_os string User agent operating system
ua_os_version string User agent operating system version
ua_browser string User agent browser
ua_browser_version string User agent browser version
utm_campaign_content string A/B testing and content-targeted ads to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL
utm_campaign_medium string Identifies a medium such as email or cost-per-click (cpc)
utm_campaign_name string Identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign
utm_campaign_source string Identifies a search engine, newsletter name, or other source
utm_campaign_term string Identifies the keywords for this ad

Aliases are predefined aggregations that can be conveniently referenced through their label. This is particularly useful for commonly used complex aggregate expressions with conditionals.

Alias Type Function
avg_duration number avg(duration)
total_pageviews number sum(pageview_count)
total_sessions number count(pageview_count)
total_visitors number count(DISTINCT user_token)