Enable Apple Pay in your store's iOS app

If you have your own iOS app or you're developing one, you can include support for Apple Pay. Customers using your app will then have the option of paying with Apple Pay, instead of providing their credit card details.


Your app must run on iOS 8.1 or higher.

Before you begin

Before you can enable Apple Pay for your iOS app, you need:

Obtain an Apple Developer Account

1. Visit https://developer.apple.com/register/index.action.

2. Click one of these options:

Sign in Choose this if you want to register with the same Apple ID you use for other Apple services, such as the Apple Online Store.
Create Apple ID Choose this if you're in the iOS Developer Enterprise Program, have an iTunes Connect account, or want to use a separate Apple ID for business.

3. When you've signed in with your Apple ID, you'll be asked to accept the Apple Developer Agreement.

Apple dev agreement

Scroll down to the end, click the checkbox, then click Agree.

4. On the next page, complete the fields as needed, then click Register.

5. You'll see a confirmation message showing your registration details. Click Continue.

You can now go on to join Apple's iOS Developer Program.

Join Apple's iOS Developer Program


There's a fee to enroll in the iOS Developer Program.

1. Sign in to your developer account at https://developer.apple.com/register/index.action.

2. From the Member Center, click Your Account.

Apple dev member center

3. Scroll down to the Memberships section.

4. Next to iOS Developer Program, click Join Today.

Apple dev center memberships

5. Click Enroll now to pay the fee.

Get an Apple Pay certificate

Make sure you have an Apple Developer Account, then follow these steps to obtain an Apple Pay certificate (the certificate is required for the encryption of outgoing payment data):

1. Within the Mobile App Channel, on the Integrations page, click Enable Apple Pay.

Enable apple pay

2. Click Download CSR to download a Certificate Signing Request.

Download csr

You'll need the CSR to obtain your certificate from Apple.

3. The next screen shows you a summary of the steps you must complete on the Apple Developer site, to generate the certificate:

Generate certificate

Log into the Apple Developer Center if you haven't already, and complete each step in turn.


You can skip Apple's directions on obtaining a CSR, as you've already downloaded it.

4. When you've completed all the steps, click Next: Upload Certificate.

Upload certificate

5. Click Upload Certificate to upload the certificate generated by Apple and complete the setup of Apple Pay.

Complete setup

Now you'll have to activate your merchant ID in your iOS app.

Activate your merchant ID in your iOS app

When you've created a new Apple Pay certificate, you must activate your merchant ID to make Apple Pay available in your iOS app.

Before you begin, make sure that you have Xcode installed on your Mac.

1. In Xcode, open your project settings.

2. Choose the Capabilities tab, and slide the Apple Pay switch to ON.

3. Log in to your Developer Account if you're asked to.

4. Enable the Apple Pay Identifiers checkbox next to your merchant ID.

Xcode applepay


For information about building an iOS app that supports Apple Pay, read our iOS Buy SDK docs