Shopify SDK for Unity

The Shopify SDK for Unity lets you add commerce features to games made with the Unity game engine. You can use it to connect in-game purchase experiences with physical products in Shopify.

You can use the Shopify SDK for Unity to:

  • fetch information about products or collections on Shopify
  • create an in-game shopping cart where customers can select product options and quantities
  • generate a checkout for a single product or an entire cart.

Getting started

If you need to get API credentials and create a Shopify store to use with the Shopify SDK for Unity, then see our Storefront API getting started guide. If you want to learn more about how this SDK works with Unity, then see the Shopify SDK for Unity tutorial.

And if you're ready to start building, then browse the Shopify SDK for Unity reference:

View the SDK reference

Use cases for the Shopify SDK for Unity

You can use the Shopify SDK for Unity to help monetize your apps in a few different ways. These can impact your business model, revenue stream, and even your game design.

Branded products

The most simple way to use the Shopify SDK for Unity is to let the player purchase branded products. In Alto's Adventure, the Shopify SDK for Unity lets the player buy branded products from purchase points in the game using their credit card.

Alto's Adventure

Story-based products

The products that you sell in game can also be integrated closely with the game's story. In Northside, a proof of concept game developed in-house at Shopify, the player explores a group of islands and tries to capture three different characters. The Shopify SDK for Unity gives the player a chance to buy a unique pin for each character that they're able to capture.


The SDK also supports the player buying real-world goods that integrate with the game itself, such as a physical reference manual or guide that would help the player complete a section of the game, or deepend game world lore.

Customized products

The Shopify SDK for Unity can support customized purchases, such as the player buying a t-shirt that shows the total distance they've traveled, or ordering prints of photos that they've taken of scenes in the game.

Where to get help

Open a GitHub issue

This SDK is not supported by Shopify gurus, but you can open an issue against the GitHub repository.

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