Build a merchant app

Building apps for Shopify merchants lets you quickly integrate your service into a Shopify Online Store, or embed your web apps directly inside Shopify POS and the Shopify admin. Each SDK provides you with all the tools, documentation, and other resources you need.

Follow the getting started guide to quickly get API credentials and start building your own merchant app:

Getting started guide

  • Embedded App SDK - Build apps for more than 325,000 Shopify merchants. The Embedded App SDK lets you embed your app directly inside of the Shopify admin as well as manipulate the usability of online stores.

  • Apps for retail merchants - The Shopify POS App SDK lets you embed your apps directly inside of Shopify POS. You can build custom solutions for different kinds of retail businesses.

Essential guides

Building a public app

Learn how to build a Shopify application in Ruby.

Using Postman

Postman is an application that simplifies sending HTTP requests to Shopify API endpoints.

Add billing to your app

Learn how to use Shopify's Billing API to programmatically charge users of your app.