Build a Sales Channel


The Sales Channel UI Kit has been deprecated. You can learn how build out a Sales Channel using Shopify Polaris in our UX toolkit section.

Sales channel sdk

Everything you need to build rich commerce experiences

The Sales Channel SDK allows you to add commerce to any mobile app, marketplace, or website. You can connect your users to millions of products right where they are. Shopify handles the hard parts — like payments, shipping, taxes, inventory, analytics, and much more.

With this SDK, you can create a sales channel app that facilitates sales for a merchant’s chosen products. Your sales channel app is available for multiple merchants to install on their shop from the Shopify App Store.

Some examples of existing sales channel apps are Facebook, Pinterest, and more. You can develop your own sales channel using the APIs and tools described here. You can also make your sales channel app more powerful by leveraging the rest of the Shopify platform (e.g. use our Billing API to create usage-based charges for order commissions).

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Contact our team of developers who're building the infrastructure behind the Sales Channel SDK.