Adding orders

There are two ways to create orders to your sales channel.

Using the Checkout API

Using the Checkout API, your app can programmatically create a Shopify cart, reserve inventory, retrieve shipping rates, calculate taxes and process payments for a Shopify merchant. This API helps your channel respect the merchant's business settings and make it easy for new merchants to start selling through your app.

The Checkout API is only for use with the Sales Channel SDK. It is not possible to use it to create a new checkout for an individual shop, but you can use our JavaScript, iOS, and Android Buy SDKs instead for this purpose.

Learn more about the Checkout API.

All Shopify stores come with a beautiful, responsive web checkout. Cart permalinks allow you to link to a pre-filled web checkout containing product variants of your choosing. You can make sure that the resulting checkout will be attributed to your application by adding the access_token URL parameter to the cart permalink. The access_token param is a valid Storefront Access Token.,70881382:1?access_token=b8aa30d8f1d398883f0eeb5079777c41

You can pass other marketing attribution data to Shopify using utm URL parameters. Learn more.