The Sales Channel SDK has some requirements for use.


This SDK is not yet publicly available. Please apply to become eligible.

Usage guidelines

Before you consider building a sales channel, there are a few things you should know:

  • Sales channels must be marketplaces or platforms on which merchants can sell their products outside of their own branded channels (like Shopify's online store, Buy Button, or Shopify POS).
  • A channel app and integration must be built directly by the channel partner, or a single affiliated integration partner approved by the channel partner (for example, a third-party developer or services agency).
  • Channels must be built through the Shopify platform using the Sales Channel SDK.

Channel submission guidelines

Channels should have embedded apps to manage their settings. This allows apps to be loaded directly in the Shopify admin and access its native interface, and improves the workflow for merchants.

A channel app should use the Sales Channel UI Kit to include, at minimum:

  • Account login / signup — The authentication flow to the channel must start and finish in the embedded app (even if it requires an offsite form).

  • Account connection status — The channel must show the account's connection status, including any relevant errors or required actions.

  • Merchant review process — If the channel is not available to all merchants who meet the initial requirements, it must provide messaging, application process, and review status.

  • Product sync errors — If the channel has limitations on its product types (for example, digital goods or specific variant types), it must provide a list of errors to inform the merchant of these limitations.

  • Terms and conditions — A channel must provide links to any relevant policies or conditions that apply to its use.

  • Support and documentation — A channel must provide links to documentation and support contact information.

  • Responsiveness — A channel must be responsive and usable on mobile devices.