Build a Shopify app

Building apps for Shopify merchants lets you quickly integrate your service into a Shopify Online Store, or embed your web apps directly inside Shopify POS and the Shopify admin. Each SDK provides you with all the tools, documentation, and other resources you need.

Follow the getting started guide to quickly get API credentials and start building your app:

Getting started guide

Example use cases

Shopify APIs enable a broad range of integrations:

  1. Build a real-time shipping service

    Using the Carrier Services API, you can register a new carrier service and provide endpoints where Shopify can retrieve shipping rates for a checkout. You can even use the cart data to adjust shipping rates and offer shipping discounts based on what is in the customer's cart.

  2. Import orders to Shopify from another platform

    Using the Orders API, you can let merchants import their historical orders data into Shopify from a different ecommerce platform. This is useful for driving sales through other marketing apps and channels. When importing orders, no payment information is collected, or transaction performed, and you have the flexibility to mark the order with any payment status.

  3. Import products to a Shopify store

    Using the Products API, you can let merchants quickly import a large volume of products into Shopify from another platform or format. This helps merchants save the time and manual effort associated with filling out spreadsheets and troubleshooting imports.


Embedded App SDK

With the Embedded App SDK, you can add add value to a merchant’s day-to-day business operations by leveraging the familiar surroundings of the Shopify admin. Embedded apps appear to be native Shopify features, but in fact are separately hosted and use the Shopify API. When building Embedded apps, our SDKs, tools, and documentation will provide you with all the resources you need.

Admin Links enable merchants to control different parts of their store with the applications they have installed. There are specific locations within the admin where Admin links can be surfaced for this purpose, and all that is required is to appropriately configure your Admin link from within your partner dashboard.

Customizing and extending the Shopify Online Store

Shopify provides several different ways to add additional functionality to the Online Store through your app, such as ScriptTags and Application Proxies.

A ScriptTag resource allows you to run remote javascript code on a merchant's Online Store. Using script tags in your app allows you to add functionality to an Online Store page without having to manually edit any theme templates. An Application Proxy, on the other hand, is a feature that fetches data from your application and renders it on the merchant’s Online Store. You can use Application Proxies to display content such as image galleries, and custom forms.

List Your App in the app store

Every day, merchants depend on Shopify and their apps to run their businesses. It’s critical for them that this experience is of the highest quality and offers tangible value. Before you submit your app, make sure that you understand Shopify's requirements and guidelines for the App Store. This will help your app get through the review process as quickly as possible.

App submission review

The Shopify App Store welcomes developers of all skill levels and creative abilities, and we want all apps submitted to be successful. The App Review Checklist and the App Success Criteria provide you with all the information you need to successfully submit your own app for review. Each app is reviewed by a member of the Shopify team, and by following our guidelines you can make sure that the review process is as quick as possible.

  • Embedded App SDK - Build apps for more than 600,000 Shopify merchants. The Embedded App SDK lets you embed your app directly inside of the Shopify admin, and add new features or integrations to Shopify online stores.

  • Apps for retail merchants - The Shopify POS App SDK lets you embed your apps directly inside of Shopify POS. You can build custom solutions for different kinds of retail businesses.

Essential guides

Building a public app

Learn how to build a Shopify application in Ruby.

Using Postman

Postman is an application that simplifies sending HTTP requests to Shopify API endpoints.

Add billing to your app

Learn how to use Shopify's Billing API to programmatically charge users of your app.