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API tutorials

These tutorials aim to help you get the most from your experience developing on Shopify's API.

  • Building an application – If you've never built an app before, this tutorial will walk you through code examples of what is required to authenticate and make basic API calls.

  • Adding billing to your app – Use Shopify's Billing API to charge users for your app.

  • Application Proxies – An application proxy is a feature that fetches and displays data on a Shopify shop page from an outside location that you, the developer, specify.

  • Checkout API – Learn how to use our Checkout API to create orders programmatically in your Sales Chanel SDK app.

  • Marketing Events API - Create marketing events for your app, to help merchants market products, collections, discounts, and more. Also, create engagements to report on customer engagement with your marketing events.

  • Analytics API – Use Shopify Query Language to build strong analytics apps for single merchants or the app store.

  • Using the API console - Use the Shopify API console to interact with the API without running a full Rails app or making HTTP requests with curl.

  • Updating SEO data - Use metafields to update the search engine listing of an object, or to hide an object from search engines and sitemaps.

  • Using Postman - Send HTTP requests to Shopify API endpoints with Postman.

  • Shopify Scripts SHOPIFY PLUS – Scripts and the Script Editor let you create scripts that are run each time a customer adds items to their cart. Create discounts for products with specific tags or run special promotions like "buy 2, get 1 free".