Hide objects from search engines and sitemaps

To add a noindex and nofollow meta tag to a product, page, collection, blog, or article, create a new metafield for an object, and include these four (4) required attributes:

  • "namespace" : "seo"
  • "key" : "hidden"
  • "value" : 1
  • "value_type" : "integer"

This will remove objects from the sitemap and also add a noindex header to their pages, forcing robots to ignore these pages.

Example JSON request

For example, POST something like this to hide a product from search engines and sitemaps:

POST /admin/products/#{id}/metafields.json
  "metafield": {
    "namespace": "seo",
    "key": "hidden",
    "value": 1,
    "value_type": "integer"