Getting started as a Shopify Affiliate

After you're approved to join the Shopify Affiliate Program, you'll get an email that includes your affiliate referral link, marketing banners, and additional resources. You'll learn where to log in to the Shopify Partner Dashboard, where you can access your affiliate link, commission payouts, and referral tracker. This guide will help you understand these features and get started as an affiliate.

Program overview

If you're getting started in the Shopify Affiliate Program, then it's helpful to learn about some of the basics:

After your application is approved, you'll get your affiliate referral link. This link directs visitors to Shopify and includes your unique reference handle so that each new merchant you refer can be tracked.

A standard affiliate referral link looks like this:[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]

How does it work?

Your affiliate referral link includes a 30-day tracking cookie. This means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate referral link posted on your website, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a 14-day free trial within 30 days. When the 14-day free trial ends and the visitor becomes a paying customer, you will earn a commission bounty. Make sure to use this link every time you mention Shopify in blog content, email campaigns, or through social media posts.

To learn how to create links that land on different Shopify webpages (other than the homepage at, see How do I create a deep link to another page on Shopify?

You can edit your affiliate referral link to work for international versions of Shopify websites (excluding African countries) by adding your affiliate referral handle to the end of the international domain:


Affiliate bounty

Shopify's Affiliate Program offers a 200% bounty commission. This means that for each one of your referrals who signs up for a paid plan, you receive 100% commission of both their first and second monthly subscription fee. For example:

  • If one of your referrals signs up for a Basic Shopify plan ($29/month), then you’ll earn $58. This will be paid to you in two $29 installments over two months: $29 for the first month and $29 for the second month.
  • If one of your referrals signs up for a Basic Shopify plan ($29/month) for the first month and then upgrades to a Shopify plan ($79/month) in their second month, then you will earn $108. This will be paid out in two installments over two months: $29 for the first month and $79 for the second month.

Learn how to refer Shopify Plus customers here.

Getting paid

When you have a minimum of $25 in credits in your Affiliate account and an active PayPal account, you'll start to receive payments from Shopify. Credits are paid out on the following schedule:

  • For all credits created between the 1st and 15th day of the month (inclusive), payment will occur 5 business days after the 15th day of the month.
  • For all credits created between the 16th and the last day of the month (inclusive), payment will occur 5 business days after the last day of the month.

The total amount of revenue you collect is not limited.

Reporting and affiliate tracking

You can see information about your affiliate campaigns and referrals on the Referred stores and Affiliate tools pages in your Partner Dashboard:

  • The Referrals page displays a list of the stores that you've referred to Shopify, including information about their recent activity and their Shopify Plan. From this page, you can copy your affiliate link, and submit a Shopify Plus referral.
  • The Affiliate tools page displays an overview of the clicks, trial signups, paid conversions, and earnings for each of your affiliate campaigns. From this page, you can click Create affiliate link to create either a standard affiliate referral link or an advanced link with campaign tracking parameters, and export data from your affiliate campaigns to view detailed revenue amounts for each of the Shopify stores that you've referred. To learn how to track the effectiveness of your affiliate links across various platforms and campaigns, see Affiliate tracking.

You can also view detailed revenue amounts for each of the Shopify stores that you’ve referred on the Payouts page in your Partner Dashboard by clicking on a specific payout period.

Affiliate support

Shopify provides two places for you to get support with running your affiliate business:

Affiliate Manager

After you've been approved to join the Affiliate Program, you'll be paired with an Affiliate Manager. Your Affiliate Manager can help you with all aspects of running your affiliate business, including marketing, building a landing page, and monetizing your website. Affiliate Managers are online marketing experts who have many resources to help you add value to your audience.

You can discover who your Affiliate Manager is by logging into your account. Your Affiliate Manager is listed at the bottom of the dashboard menu. If you have any questions about your manager, then email

Self-help and live Affiliate support

You can visit the Shopify Help Center for self-help resources any time of day. You can also reach our 24/7 Affiliate Support by:

Using the Partner Dashboard

You can use the Shopify Partner Dashboard to manage your affiliate account details and earnings. You will also find additional partner opportunities that will let you create an app, submit a theme, or develop a store for a client.

You can use your Partner Dashboard to:

Manage your referrals

To manage your referrals:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Affiliate tools.

View your payouts

To view your payouts:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Payouts.

Update your account information

To update your account information:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. After you update your information, click Save.

View Affiliate resources

To view resources about being a Shopify affiliate:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Resources.

Submit a Shopify Plus referral

To submit a Shopify Plus referral:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Resources.
  3. In the Shopify Plus section, click Submit a Shopify Plus referral.
  4. After you've filled out the required information, click Submit.

Affiliate introduction course

Shopify offers an online course that can help you learn the basics of Affiliate marketing with Shopify. The course covers many different ways that affiliates can promote Shopify to earn commission, including tactics for content marketing and social media strategies.

Take the Shopify Affiliate introduction course here.

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