Affiliate strategies

There are many ways you can educate your audience and inspire entrepreneurship with Shopify. You can reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your affiliate link by using several different promotional methods and channels.

Learning about Shopify and affiliate marketing

Understanding the features of the Shopify platform can help you promote Shopify to your audience, and learning about affiliate marketing can help you reach and engage with your audience more effectively.

Affiliate introduction course

Shopify offers an online course called Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals that can help you learn the basics of affiliate marketing with Shopify. The course covers different ways that affiliates can promote Shopify to earn commission, including strategies for content marketing and social media.

Create a development store

As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores. A development store is a free Shopify account that comes with a couple of limitations. You can use a development store to test out Shopify, which can help you create content for your audience.

Shopify Affiliate blog posts

Through Shopify’s affiliate marketing blog posts, you can learn about the foundations of affiliate marketing, what kinds of affiliate marketing opportunities exist, and how you can get started growing your business through affiliate marketing. Subscribe to Shopify's affiliate marketing blog to be notified when new blog posts are released.

Creating content for your audience

Creating content like guides, videos, and blog posts can help promote Shopify to your audience and encourage them to try the platform.

Blogging and finding the right content topic

Creating a blog for a specific Shopify-related topic allows you to create unique content and build an audience of people interested in your topic. Make sure to include your affiliate link on your blog or in your posts.

Here are a few ideas to help you develop your own blog content:

Create an online guide or course

Publishing online courses and guides about ecommerce is a popular promotion method that lets you grow or build an audience to refer to Shopify. You can create training material about Shopify-specific topics or general ecommerce topics to help your audience grow their own businesses. When someone starts your course or guide, have them create a Shopify account using your affiliate link.

Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer has developed a 21-video Ecommerce video course that teaches potential merchants how to earn sales on their online store. You can publish these videos on your own properties with your Shopify affiliate link. Each Shopify merchant who signs up through your link will earn you a one-time, 200% commission of their first monthly Shopify account fee.

Video tutorials

Creating video tutorials can help you deliver value to your audience and drive more traffic to your affiliate link. You could create video content that teaches your viewers to set up a Shopify store, launch an ecommerce business, or find a product to sell online. Make sure to put your affiliate link in your videos. You can host your videos on YouTube to make them easy to find and easy to embed on your website. Please review and adhere to our Shopify Affiliate Program guidelines before creating or promoting your videos.


Webinars are live-streamed broadcasts that you can publish from your computer to an online audience. Usually, a broadcaster shows slides or a screencast while instructing viewers about a particular subject. Hosting a webinar can be an opportunity to guide traffic to your affiliate link.

To make your webinar an effective promotion, you should provide a lot of value and content before you pitch Shopify and offer your affiliate link. As an incentive to encourage participants to go through your affiliate link, offer participants a bonus if they sign up for Shopify through your link, such as a free consultation or additional learning materials.

There are many tools that can help you put together a webinar, including GotoWebinar, Google Hangouts, and Easy Webinar.

Interviews and case studies

Interview and highlight Shopify store owners on your website to give your audience tips about how to successfully sell online. If you are looking for Shopify merchants to contact for interviews, then refer to this list of Shopify success stories.

Commerce platform reviews or comparisons

You can create a detailed blog post on your website or a page on your website to compare commerce platforms and their features. Here's an example of testimonials that compare different commerce platforms:

Example testimonials

Written reviews

To better inform their buying decisions, many shoppers read reviews online before purchasing a new product or service. One way to promote your affiliate business is to write a review of Shopify that includes your affiliate link.

Increasing traffic and referrals

There are several ways that you can keep in touch with people who click your affiliate link and encourage them to try Shopify.

Build an email list

With email services, you can set up an email list to engage with and educate your audience.

Split test landing pages

You can split test the content and design of your landing pages to understand what can help you get more referrals. Refer to this guide to learn more about split testing. If you're using Wordpress for your website, then try a service like LeadPages to launch and split test new pages.

Offer educational resources

Give your audience the tools to be successful on Shopify. As a way to attract referrals, offer your audience resources and bonuses to equip them with the tools to be a successful entrepreneurs. Some ideas include: a consultation session over video chat, a store audit, supplementary educational materials, or showcasing their Shopify story on your own platforms.

Visit Shopify's brand guidelines to ensure you are correctly using our brand assets. By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of our Trademark Usage Guidelines and you understand that a violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of Shopify Partner account.


You can add a banner to your website to promote your affiliate link. To post a banner to your website, you can use the following HTML code:

<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]" target="_top"><img src="your-affiliate-banner-image-url" width="300" height="250" alt="" border="0"/></a>

Replace [YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE] with your affiliate referral handle, update the banner URL, the width, and height of the banner that you're using, and then add the code to your website's HTML.

There are several sets of banner packs in different sizes for affiliates to use:

Text links are a helpful promotion tool when space is limited on your website or if you want to quickly link to Shopify. To post a text link to your website, you can use the following HTML code:

<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">link text</a>

Replace [YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE] with your affiliate referral handle, include some link text, and then add the code to your website's HTML.

The link text should promote Shopify and explain the free 14-day trial. Here are five suggestions of text links you can use:

Link text HTML code
Shopify is the ecommerce platform made for you. Try Shopify free for 14 days today!
<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">Shopify is the ecommerce platform made for you. Try Shopify free for 14 days today!</a>
Try Shopify free for 14 days today!
<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">Try Shopify free for 14 days today!</a>
Shopify powers ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world. Create your own Shopify commerce website with a free 14 day trial today!
<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">Shopify powers ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world. Create your own Shopify commerce website with a free 14 day trial today!</a>
Connect and sell products to billions of Facebook users by using Shopify. Start your 14-day free trial today!
<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">Connect and sell products to billions of Facebook users by using Shopify.  Start your 14-day free trial today!</a>
Accept credit cards anywhere at any time with Shopify POS. Start your 14-day free trial today!
<a href="[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]">Accept credit cards anywhere at any time with Shopify POS.  Start your 14-day free trial today!</a>

Promoting Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, fully-hosted enterprise commerce platform for high-volume merchants. If you're interested in promoting Shopify Plus, then refer to the Shopify Plus Toolkit for resources to help you sell. The Shopify Plus blog also has content ideas and success stories.

To promote Shopify Plus, you can add your referral handle to the end of the Shopify Plus landing pages:

  • Shopify Plus Homepage:[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Referring New Shopify Plus Merchants - Get Started Page:[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]

The process for Shopify Plus merchants and referrals is different than for regular referred Shopify plans, so your referral credit is not immediate. The Shopify Plus approval process can take a long time and will only show up on your account after the deal is closed. To learn more about the revenue that you're entitled to as a Shopify Affiliate for a Shopify Plus referral, refer to Shopify Partner earnings.

To learn more about referring your audience to Shopify Plus, contact your Affiliate Manager.