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The Shopify App Store gives you everything you need to find customers and run your app business.

Charging for your app

All apps listed on the Shopify App Store are required to use the Shopify Billing API. The Billing API provides an integrated billing solution that enables three different types of app charges: one-time, usage-based, and recurring charges. Leveraging this functionality provides the best merchant experience and greatly simplifies billing for your apps.

As a developer, you're entitled to a share of the revenue generated from your apps. Your share of the revenue is defined in the Shopify Partner revenue share agreement.

To learn more about the Billing API, see Charging for your app.

Listing in the App Store

When you're ready to publish your app, review the steps needed to submit it to the Shopify App Store. Make sure to follow the checklist of requirements, and review the success guidelines, writing strategies for your listing, and other information on the submission and review process.

To learn more, see Listing in the App Store.

Being successful in the App Store

After your app is listed on the Shopify App Store, you can market and support your app to make it more successful. Successful developers market their app both through Shopify and externally, offer great customer service to merchants, and manage app reviews.

To learn more, see Being successful in the App Store.

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