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Prohibited actions on the Shopify App Store

We value our app partners and want to make the app experience the best possible for everyone involved. App partners are expected to adhere to the Partners TOS. This page outlines actions that could lead to you having your app removed from the Shopify App Store, having your API keys suspended, or being removed from the Shopify Partner program.

App reviews

  • Leaving fake reviews on your own app, or on a competitor's app to create a competitive advantage.
  • Retaliating against a merchant for leaving honest negative reviews.
  • Incentivizing merchants to leave reviews (C-3).

Merchant experience

  • Continuous failure to respond to merchant support requests.
  • Selling or abusing merchant data (C-2).
  • Failing to provide consistent service, app often experiences critical errors resulting in support debt.
  • Failing to provide enough time to sunset your app.

Unsolicited marketing

  • No spam, illegal, or invasive marketing tactics (A-2). Emails are only to be sent to merchants who have your app actively installed or have clearly opted-in to your marketing communications.
  • No affiliate links in your app listing page.

Requirement violations

  • Modifying your app or app listing after publication which results in the app no longer meeting the Shopify App Store app requirements.
  • Fatal errors resulting in the app failing to install from the Shopify App Store.

If you violate any of the above terms, then the Merchant App Experience Team will use their discretion to determine the appropriate disciplinary action. This can include:

  • an email requiring your prompt attention to a situation with a set timeframe to take action
  • immediate unpublishing
  • deprecation of API keys
  • removal from the Shopify Partners program.

The terms can change at any time without notice. Any other behaviour the Merchant App Experience team deems unacceptable, objectionable, or harmful can result in the app being removed from the Shopify Apps Store.

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