Listing your app on the Shopify App Store

Many Shopify merchants rely on third-party apps that they've installed from the Shopify App Store. Because these apps can be a critical part of building a business, it's important that they offer a reliable, high-quality experience and add real value to the merchants who use them. You can refer to the requirements and guidelines in this section for all of the information that you need to successfully submit your own app to the Shopify App Store.

Getting started

Before you start building your app, note that any app on the Shopify App Store must meet the following basic criteria:

  • It solves a problem for merchants, either by adding new functionality to Shopify, or by creating a faster, easier, or more efficient way to do something that already exists within Shopify.
  • It uses the Shopify API, and ensures all data it collects provides real value to a merchant's business.
  • It requires minimal interaction between the app's developer and the merchants who are using it. The app should use programming logic and Shopify data to automate its functions.

All apps must also meet a series of technical and UX requirements before they're accepted to be listed in the Shopify App Store. The requirements that you need to follow depend on the type of app that you're building:

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