Shopify App Store requirements and success guidelines

The Shopify App Store welcomes developers of all skill levels and creative abilities, and we want all apps submitted to be successful. The app review checklist and the app success guidelines provide you with all the information you need to successfully submit your own app for review. Each app is reviewed by an App Onboarding Specialist, and by following our guidelines you can make sure that the review process is as quick as possible.

Before you submit

Before you submit your app, make sure that you've tested it thoroughly. It should have functional links, a functioning interface, and be scrubbed for any unintended behaviors. Faulty design or an obvious lack of testing will cause an app to be rejected during the review process.

Before you start reviewing the app requirements checklist, you should first:

  • Test the app for bugs and errors. Make sure you've tested the app live, not only locally.
  • Make sure the app listing meets all the requirements. The listing introduces Shopify merchants to your app, and a well laid out listing will lead to a higher number of installations.
  • Make sure your contact information in your partner account is up to date. This email is where the review will be sent.

App requirements

Before you submit your app, you should review the app requirements checklist and make sure your app meets each requirement. If your app doesn't meet the requirements, then it will likely be rejected during the review process.

App requirements checklist

App success guidelines

We want all apps submitted to Shopify to be successful. Following the app requirements checklist will help make sure that your app gets approved and published, but you can also use the app success guidelines to make sure your app is as good as it can be. Successful apps are installed more often and tend to remain installed on merchants stores.

If you follow the success guidelines when you build your app, then you will also improve your chances of being considered for a featured app in the Shopify Apps Store.

App success guidelines checklist

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