Installing and testing your app before submitting

Before you submit your app for review, make sure that you test it in a live environment. You can test your apps by installing them on a development store, which you can create in your Partner Dashboard.

Testing your app in a live environment helps to make sure that your app is free of any bugs or errors. It also gives you a chance to test your app's installation flow, since the process of installing your app in a development store is almost the same as what Shopify merchants will see when they install your app from the Shopify App Store.

Make sure that the process of setting up your app is as straightforward as possible. If a merchant can easily set up the app and fully understand how it works, then they're more likely to keep it installed in their store. Include clear and detailed instructions, and consider using tooltips or set up wizards to improve the installation flow. To learn more about writing help content for your customers, see the Help documentation section in Shopify Polaris.

Set up testing for paid apps using the Billing API

If you have a paid app that uses the Billing API, then set the test property to true under the properties of your charge before you test your app. This creates a test charge without actually charging the credit card, which lets you install and use the app for testing purposes. If your app is free and you collect no charges, then you don't have to change the test property before you test your app.

Install your app on a development store

To install an app on a development store:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.

  2. Click Apps.

  3. Click the name of your app.

  4. Click Create App Store Listing:


  5. Click Edit App Submission form.

  6. Click View app store listing. The listing page for your app loads in the Shopify App Store.

  7. Click Get to install the app on your test store. From this point, the app must authenticate through OAuth.

You can use the App requirements checklist as a guide to make sure that your app is ready to be submitted for review.

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