Storefront API reference

The Storefront API provides customer-facing access to a shop's data. This enables you to build customer-facing shopping experiences by accessing functionality such as managing a customer's cart, accessing the storefront view of products, and creating checkouts. Storefront API access is not the same as Admin API access, which is merchant-facing and does not include the same set of permissions.

The Storefront API is composed of the following:

  • Customers - Information about customers in Shopify such as their shipping address and display name.

  • Nodes - Set of Shopify Storefront API root nodes, including Checkouts, Collections, Orders, Payments etc. See a complete list of nodes here.

  • Shops - Shop information such as billing address, currency code, and domain.

The Storefront API is GraphQL-based so you can query the representation of this data by passing in GraphQL queries. You can also make GraphQL mutations to modify data.

Using the Storefront API, you can:

  • Fetch data about a single product or a collection of products to display on any website or device.
  • Create unique checkout experiences with full control over the shopping cart.
  • Create new customers or modify existing ones, including address information.
  • Allow customers to select unique product options.

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