Creates a new checkout.

Required access

unauthenticated_write_checkouts access scope

Interactive Example

This is an example mutation query. Use the embedded interactive tool below to edit the query.

Hint: use Ctrl + Space for autocompleting fields.


input ( CheckoutCreateInput! ) required

Input Fields

allowPartialAddresses (Boolean)

Allows setting partial addresses on a Checkout, skipping the full validation of attributes. The required attributes are city, province, and country. Full validation of addresses is still done at complete time.

customAttributes ([AttributeInput!])

A list of extra information that is added to the checkout.

email (String)

The email with which the customer wants to checkout.

lineItems ([CheckoutLineItemInput!])

A list of line item objects, each one containing information about an item in the checkout.

note (String)

The text of an optional note that a shop owner can attach to the checkout.

presentmentCurrencyCode (CurrencyCode)

The three-letter currency code of one of the shop's enabled presentment currencies. Including this field creates a checkout in the specified currency. By default, new checkouts are created in the shop's primary currency.

shippingAddress (MailingAddressInput)

The shipping address to where the line items will be shipped.

Return Fields

checkout (Checkout)

The new checkout object.

checkoutUserErrors ([CheckoutUserError!]!)

List of errors that occurred executing the mutation.

Deprecated return fields

userErrors ([UserError!]!) deprecated

List of errors that occurred executing the mutation.

Deprecation warning

Use checkoutUserErrors instead

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