App extensions

App extensions surface the functionality of your app where and when merchants need it most. For example, your app’s actions can appear as dropdown items in Shopify admin for orders, products, customers, and other resources. You can produce interfaces that easily mimic the Shopify look-and-feel, and make your app seamlessly appear in Shopify POS. You can also enable your app to create triggers and actions for Shopify Flow.

Without an app extension, merchants interact directly with your app. Your app relays information to Shopify that gets surfaced back to the merchant through your app.

An example of an app interacting with a merchant without an app extension

With an app extension, merchants interact with Shopify. Shopify relays information to your app that gets surfaced back to the merchant through your app extension in Shopify.

An example of an app interacting with a merchant with an app extension

App extension areas

You can think of app extensions as belonging to some common areas of Shopify functionality.

Shopify admin

Merchants can setup a store, configure settings, and manage every aspect of a business from the Shopify admin. You should familiarize yourself with the Shopify admin so you can choose the best way to integrate your app. The following app extensions are available:

Admin Links

You can use Admin Links to surface app features under drop-down menus that appear across many Shopify admin pages (Orders, Products, Collections, Variants, and more).

Embedded in Shopify admin

You can load your app within Shopify with the Embed in Shopify admin app extension to give your merchants a more integrated experience.

Marketing activities

You can add the Marketing activity app extension to your app to enable merchants to manage promotional campaigns from the Marketing page in Shopify admin.

Online Store

Display your apps features directly on the merchant's online store. Your app can display dynamic content, image galleries, and statistics on the online store, as well as other advanced functionality.

Application proxies

Use an application proxy to fetch data from an outside location and display it on the page of an online store.

Shopify POS

Embed your web apps into the Shopify POS UI. You can create public apps for the Shopify App Store as well as custom and private apps for the specific needs of your retail clients.

Shopify Flow

Use app extensions to connect your app to Shopify Flow so events from your app can trigger workflows. You can also use app extensions to connect your app to Shopify Flow, so that merchants easily send information to it from their workflows.

Shopify Kit

You can build Kit Skills into your app to help Kit proactively identify opportunities and autonomously execute tasks that help merchants grow their businesses.

App extension reviews

Some app extensions need to be reviewed and approved before they are made available in Shopify. Other app extensions are made available as soon you save them. If an app extension needs to be reviewed, then you see Submit for review instead of Save when you create the app extension.

The review process for app extensions is similar to the App review process. After you submit your app extension for review, Shopify sends you emails with your results.

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