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Kit Skills

Kit is a free virtual employee that performs tasks to help merchants grow their Shopify businesses. As a Shopify Partner, you can build a Kit Skill to help Kit surface the functionality of your app when merchants need it most.

A Kit Skill is an app extension for your Shopify app, delivered to merchants through Kit as an actionable conversation. Merchants collaborate with Kit through chat using Shopify Ping, Facebook Messenger, or SMS.

Kit is available to all merchants for free and includes a suite of marketing skills: Facebook and Instagram ads, Facebook dynamic ads, Google Smart Shopping ads, thank you emails, and email marketing campaigns. Building a Kit Skill enables you to contribute to Kit’s growing list of capabilities by showcasing the unique value of your app.

What good Kit Skills look like


All conversations start with a message from Kit that is triggered by a merchant action, an event, a condition of their store, or a change in the state of their store.


All conversations should propose a single actionable task. Kit should never send a message that is purely informational (Kit should never be used as a notification service).


Tasks should be fully executable by Kit while requiring as little input from the merchant as possible. This is best achieved by proposing intelligent recommendations or setting smart defaults, and prompting for merchant input only when absolutely necessary.


Executing a task with Kit should take less time than if the merchant were to use your app’s default interface.

Kit Skills app extension reviews

You can enable Kit Skills in the extensions area of your Partner Dashboard. Once you've finished creating the Kit Skill you can submit it for review. If you make any edits to your Kit Skill after it is approved, then you will need to submit again for approval.

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