Navigation in your embedded app

Apps that leverage App Bridge are able to use embedded navigation in the admin. This navigation bar automatically suits the viewport and device of any merchant across both web and mobile.

Navigation on desktop
On desktop viewports, your app’s subpages will appear underneath the app name within the app window. Any action buttons will appear to the right side of the navigation items.

Navigation on mobile
On mobile browser viewports, your app’s subpages may be collapsed into an overflow menu (More).

Navigation on mobile natively
On Shopify for iOS and Android, you app’s subpages will appear as a list, automatically consistent with Android and iOS mobile navigation patterns. Details about the app, including developer name, description, and related links, will be accessible from the ⋮ submenu in the top right corner.

Next Steps

Next, we'll set up secondary navigation for your embedded app.

Setting up secondary navigation

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