App extensions in the Shopify Admin

Your app’s actions can surface throughout the Shopify admin across a broad range of resources. When deciding to enable app extensions for your app, consider common merchant activities related to Shopify's resources:

Resources you can use with app extensions

App Listing

The App Listing page of the Shopify admin includes a list of all the apps installed by a merchant. You can use the Embed in Shopify admin app extension to load your app directly in the Shopify admin from the App Listing page.


After a customer places an order it is added to the Orders area of Shopify. From there merchants can process, fulfill, and manage orders, or create draft orders. You can familiarize yourself with these areas do understand where to surface your app’s functionality.

Draft Orders

Merchants use draft orders for their customers and send them invoices from the Shopify admin or the Shopify app.


Products are the goods, digital downloads, services, and gift cards that merchant sell to customers. Once merchants add or create products, they can manage product details, create collections, search and filter products, and manage inventory.


Merchants create webpages for their online store such as “About Us”, or “Contact Us”.


Merchants can use Shopify’s built-in blogging engine. When using blogs and article pages, merchants can write posts, manage comments, and do advanced publishing.


Merchants review customers and manage customer information from the Customers area of Shopify admin.


Merchants view and change checkout settings from the Checkout settings page in the Shopify admin.


Customers can create, manage, and export discount codes.


The Marketing page of the Shopify admin includes a list of all the marketing activities created by a merchant. You can use the Marketing activity app extension to load your app directly from the Marketing page in Shopify.

Next Steps

The Shopify admin extensions can be set up from the pages of your partner Dashboard as described below.

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