Bulk action links

You can make your apps accessible to merchants wherever action drop-down menus are available in the Shopify admin. For example, when a merchant selects multiple orders on the Orders page of the Shopify admin, the Actions drop-down menu appears. You can use this Actions menu to prompt merchants to use your app, when they complete a bulk action.

To add a bulk action link:

  1. From the Partner Dashboard, click Apps.

  2. Click the name of the app you want to create links for.

  3. Click Extensions.

  4. Under Shopify admin in the Bulk action links section, click Add a link.

  5. In the Bulk action link dialog, enter information in the following fields:

    • Bulk action label – The text that will appear to the merchant. It should be task oriented, and not just the name of your app.
    • Link target URL – The URL where your app is hosted, or a specific URL for this task.
    • Page to show link – The page where this link should appear to the merchant. You can select from the various places in the Shopify admin where the Actions menu appears.
  6. Click Save.

You can use the Preview section to see how your bulk action link will appear in the Shopify admin.

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