Marketing app onboarding flow

After a merchant installs a marketing app that has a marketing activity extension, it appears in the list of available extensions when they create a marketing activity in Shopify. But before they can create the new extension, they need to complete the app's onboarding process.

If the merchant tries to create a marketing activity before they've finished setting up the app, then Shopify expects a 412 response from the preload activity REST request. In that case, the app should link the merchant to a page where they can complete the onboarding process, and then redirect them back to the marketing activity creation workflow.

To learn more about the preload endpoint and the expected response, see Preload a marketing activity form.

Resuming onboarding after marketing activity creation

If the app returns 412 in the preload activity REST call when the merchant tries to create a marketing activity extension, then a banner is rendered in Shopify to notify the merchant that they haven't yet completed the onboarding process. This banner includes a call to action that links to the app's home page, where the app should prompt the merchant to complete the process.

For example, this banner notifies the merchant that they need to complete onboarding before they can continue:

Image of a banner that notifies the merchant about onboarding

Redirecting to marketing activity creation after onboarding is complete

After the merchant finishes the onboarding process in the app, it should redirect them back to the original marketing activity creation form. You can do this by redirecting the merchant to the following url:


Shopify temporarily saves information about the marketing activity that the merchant was creating before they were prompted to finish onboarding, so they can continue the process where they left it. If for some reason this information isn't saved or if the merchant takes too long to finish onboarding, then they're redirected to the Marketing summary page instead.

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