Shopify Ping API

Shopify Ping is an iOS mobile app that allows Shopify merchants to centralize their business conversations from from SMS and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Your app can use the Ping API to send messages to the Shopify Ping app.

Getting started

Complete the following steps to use the Shopify Ping API with your app:

  1. Contact the Ping API team to request admission into the Ping API beta test.

  2. Set your Ping callback URL to receive Ping API webhooks.

  3. Prompt the merchant to agree to the Ping API access scopes in your app's OAuth.

  4. Use the merchant's shop data with the Shopify Ping API endpoints.

Set your Ping callback URL


  1. In your Partner dashboard, click Apps.

  2. Create a new app, or select an existing app.

  3. Click App setup.

  4. In the Ping callback section, enter your callback url into the Callback URL field.

  5. Click Save.

Additional information

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