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Building apps for mobile

Apps visible inside of the Shopify admin are also available while using the admin on mobile devices. Apps built with the Embedded App SDK are shown inside of the admin using responsive layouts.

In addition to the web admin, apps will be soon available inside of Shopify Mobile. All partners have early access via a beta release ahead of merchant launch. Download the latest version of Shopify Mobile for iOS or Android from the App Store or Play Store, respectively.

You can use the same app and APIs to support merchants across desktop and mobile, delighting your users and enhancing their Shopify workflows no matter which device they're using.

Setting up

We strongly encourage all Shopify apps to work on mobile devices. When developing apps for mobile, you can test your app — even if it doesn't use the Embedded App SDK — inside of Shopify Mobile.

To test your app:

  1. Create a development store or use an existing store that is attached to your partner account.
  2. Install your app on your development store.
  3. Download Shopify Mobile on your iOS or Android device.

You can also test using the Shopify admin on your mobile device's browser.

Shopify Mobile app capabilities

App functionality in Shopify Mobile includes the following supported features:

  • List of installed apps, each opening to the main App URL
A screenshot of the mobile online store page
A screenshot of the mobile online store page
  • Admin links from resource types Shopify Mobile supports natively. The following resource types are supported:
    • Orders Overview
    • Order Details
    • Products Overview
    • Product Details
    • Customers Overview
    • Customer Details

Mobile order overview page, with app link

As Shopify continues to add support for apps in Shopify Mobile, more capabilities will follow.

Shopify Embedded App SDK support

Native adaptation of Embedded App SDK features include:

To deliver a great mobile experience, the following Embedded App SDK features are not represented in mobile:

Apps that use the Embedded App SDK require no mobile-specific changes, as the API is the same for both. Apps that modify the experience for mobile can either use responsive layouts or screen width dependencies.

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