Inventory API Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update inventory levels in bulk?

No. Inventory levels can only be updated individually using the adjust endpoint endpoint. If you run into API request limits, then contact

Can I create new locations with the API?

No. The Location API is read-only.

How do I check if a shop uses multiple locations?

Query the Shop endpoint. If a shop is multi-location enabled, then the multi_location_enabled property returns true.

How many locations can a single Shopify store have?

Standard Shopify plans can have 6 locations. If you are on Shopify Plus, then you can talk to your Merchant Success Manager about having more than 6 locations.

If a product variant is deleted, will its associated inventory item be automatically deleted as well?


Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden error response code?

The server is refusing to respond to the request. This is usually because you haven't included the inventory scopes for this action. Make sure you have the required read/write_inventory permissions. For more information on the required permissions, see the guide for Migrating to multi-location inventory.

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