Modifying the Online Store channel

Shopify provides several different ways to add additional functionality to the Online Store through your app.


A ScriptTag is a tag that represents some javascript code running on a remote server. If you load a ScriptTag into an Online Store page, then the javascript code from the remote server will be added to the page when the page is viewed.

Using ScriptTags in your app allows you to add functionality to an Online Store page without having to manually edit any theme templates. This means that if a merchant uninstalls your app, then they won't need to edit their theme templates to revert any changes.

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Application proxies

An application proxy is a feature that fetches and displays data on an Online Store page from an outside location that you specify. The content you add to the Online Store with proxy pages can be dynamic. You can use application proxies to display content such as image galleries, statistics, and custom forms.

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Javascript best practices

Since Shopify is a hosted solution, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when using JavaScript on a Shopify store.

Use Javascript responsibly

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