Ensuring merchants have access to their customer data in their Shopify admin

As of May 12, 2019, our API License and Terms of Use require that if your public app collects certain types of customer data on behalf of a merchant on their Shopify-hosted presence (such as a Shopify-hosted online store or POS), then you must store it in the Customer resource or Customer object using Shopify’s APIs to make it available to the merchant in their Shopify admin. Public apps are apps that access the Shopify API using an API client and are made available to merchants either through a URL or through the Shopify App Store. If your public app was installed on a merchant’s store before May 12, 2019, then you must make it possible for merchants to sync and store the applicable data that your app has collected starting from the date that they installed your app.

This document describes the types of customer data that public apps must make available to sync with the merchant’s Shopify admin, either through the available APIs or using a manual solution. Any types of customer data not included in the list below aren't required to be synced. We'll provide updates by email and in our developer changelog if the types of apps or customer data listed in this documentation changes.

It’s important for merchants to be able to sync and store their customer data in their Shopify admin so they can manage their business and reach their customers across the multiple apps and services they might use. It’s preferable for this data to be synced automatically through Shopify's APIs so that the process is less complex for merchants. If your app is unable to do this because of a technical or policy limitation, then you need to provide merchants with the ability to manually sync their data through your app’s interface or through tools that Shopify will provide for you in the future.

The following types of customer data must be made available to sync with the merchant’s Shopify admin:

Through the REST Admin API Customer resource Through the GraphQL Admin API Customer object Through the Storefront API Customer object
accepts_marketing firstName acceptsMarketing
accepts_marketing_updated_at lastName firstName
first_name phone lastName
last_name email phone
addresses taxExempt email
default_address addresses customerAddress

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