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Developer Tools app

Developer Tools is a macOS app that connects to your Shopify stores and lets you make authenticated calls to the Admin API, generate dummy data, and view and customize Polaris components.


To install Developer Tools:

  1. Download the latest version of shopify-developer-tools-desktop-X.X.X-mac.zip from the app’s Github releases page.
  2. Unzip and open the app:
    Developer tools unzip plus skip auth


Connect your Shopify store to Developer Tools to take advantage of the Admin API playground and data generator. You can login using your development store credentials, or with an access token.

Developer Tools login screen



  1. Press control + option + s to make Developer Tools visible (or bring it to focus) above your active workspace. Close the window with the same keys, or by using the standard macOS shortcut (command + w).
  2. When the app is in focus, press command + f at any time to focus on the search input.
  3. Enter resource names or app features to navigate to them:
    • generator navigates to the data generator.
    • get products count uses the Admin API playground to get a count of all products in a store.
    • Layout views the Polaris Layout component.
    • profiles manages the stores that you've connected to Developer Tools.

Data generator

Data generator screenshot

  • Generate and delete dummy data for your store
  • Create products using presets or a random data generator
  • Jobs run the background so you can continue using the app or close the window

Admin API playground

Admin API playground screenshot

  • Press command + enter to run a request without having to click on the form button
  • Access resources or endpoints directly via search (e.g marketing event or post orders)
  • View and customize sample POST and PUT requests
  • Copy responses from Shopify as prettified JSON

Polaris playground

Polaris playground screenshot

  • View and customize Polaris components
  • Use the pop-out builder to save layouts

Feedback and support

Contact us if you have any issues using Developer Tools or want to share your ideas for feature requests.

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