Developer previews

Shopify's developer previews give you early access to new features of Shopify so that you can build on the platform with confidence. You can test features that will be available to merchants in the upcoming months, but that haven't yet been rolled out. With developer previews, you can test your apps, build new features, and adapt your business strategies to maximize your apps' value to merchants.

Previewing new features

When a new feature is accompanied by a backwards-incompatible change to our APIs, or a significant change to the online store or Shopify admin, you can test the feature by enabling a developer preview from your Partner Dashboard. When you enable a developer preview, you can select the API version that the store's admin should use. For example, if API version 2019-04 introduces two new features with backwards-incompatible API changes, then you could select that version for your developer preview to see and test those features in the admin of a developer preview store.

For backwards-incompatible changes, the timeline for developer previews is tied to the API release schedule. When a stable version introduces a backwards-incompatible change, the feature associated with the change won't be available to a merchant's Shopify admin until 9 months later, when that version of the API is the oldest supported stable version. So you have 9 months to preview a feature and prepare for it before it is released to merchants. To learn more about the API release schedule, see API versioning.

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