Adding Liquid template variables to workflow messages

You can add template variables to workflow actions that send messages or update notes. Template variables allow you to include references to your customers, orders, and products.

This task describes how to add template variables to a text box by selecting them from a filtered list. If you are a developer with experience writing Shopify Liquid code, then you can use Liquid to write your template variables. Learn more about Flow's Liquid support.

Add a template variable to a workflow message

To add a template variable to a text field:

  1. Create a workflow, and then add an action that supports template variables, such as one of the following actions:
  • Send email message
  • Send Slack message
  • Send HTTP request
  • Update customer note
  • Update order note
  1. If there is an address box, then type the address that you want to send the message to. If you are sending an email, then you can separate the addresses with a comma. You cannot use template variables to customize the address.

  2. Enter your message or note, click Add template variable, and then choose a variable from the list.

The template variable appears in the text box:

Message that includes a template variable.

  1. Click Save.

If you are editing a message action, then click Preview to see an example of what your message looks like when the text variable is replaced when your workflow runs:

Preview your workflow.


In the following example, the title of the discontinued product appears in the message:

Discontinued product {{product.title}} has just hit an inventory level of 0.

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