Sending HTTP requests in your workflows

You can create workflows that send HTTP requests to external web servers, API endpoints, and URLs. For example, you could create a workflow that sends a message to a messaging service, or that creates an item in a project management app.

To create an action that makes an HTTP request

  1. In your workflow, click Add action.
  2. Select Send HTTP request.
  3. From the HTTP method drop-down menu, fill in the fields as follows:

    1. Select one of the following HTTP methods:
      • Get - Sends a request for information from the server.
      • Delete - Removes a resource from the server.
      • Head - Retrieves the HTTP response headers of the server.
      • Options - Retrieves the options and features that are supported by the server.
      • Patch - Partially updates a resource on the server.
      • Put - Updates a resource on the server.
      • Post - Creates a resource or replaces a resource on the server.
    2. In the URL field, specify the URL of the server. If you need to pass parameters in your URL, then specify them in in the Headers table.
    3. In the Body box, add the content that you want to send to the server. When you send messages, it is often helpful to include details about the customer, order, or product involved. To do this, you need to use template variables. See Template variables.
    4. Click Save


In the following example, the workflow sends information about gift cards:

A workflow that posts information about gift cards to a server.

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