Launchpad guidelines and limitations

Guidelines for creating Launchpad events, including limitations related to collections and scheduling.

Here are some things you might need to consider when creating, scheduling, and running events in your store:

  • You cannot run or schedule overlapping events. If you have an event scheduled that does not have an end date and you want to start another event after the scheduled event, then you must edit the scheduled event and set an end date before you create the other event. You also need to schedule your events five minutes apart.

  • When you add collections to a Launchpad event, make sure that no collection contains more than 1000 products.

  • All percentage discounts in an event apply to the regular prices of a product (not the compare at prices). When a sales event starts, your customers see the sale prices that you specified for the event. If you have compare at prices for your products, then for the duration of the event these values change to the regular, pre-sale prices of the products. When the event ends, both the regular prices and the compare at prices change back to the values that they had before the event. If you do not want the compare at prices to be shown during an event, then remove them from your theme.

  • It is possible for the same product to get added multiple times to the same event for different prices. When this occurs, any pricing differences are resolved as follows:

    • If the product has a set price, then your customer is offered this price. No collection discounts are applied.
    • If there is no set price for the product, then the lowest discounted price is offered to your customer.

    For example, you add a snowman T-shirt (regular price $30) and set the sale price to $20. Then, you add a collection that also contains the same snowman T-shirt and set the discount to 50%. During the event, the T-shirt will be offered to your buyers at the set price of $20.

    Later, you create a different event and add two collections that both contain the same snowman T-shirt. The first collection is discounted by 25% and the second collection is discounted by 50%. During this event, the snowman T-shirt will be offered to your buyers at the 50% discounted price of $15.

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