Stocky helps you manage your inventory by forecasting what you need, suggesting which products you should order, and keeping your inventory levels updated by using inventory counts and stock transfers.

Requirements for using Stocky

As of October 30, 2019, Stocky is available for stores on the Shopify plan or higher at no cost. If you are on the Basic Shopify plan or lower and had Stocky installed before October 30, 2019, then you can still use Stocky as a paid app. If you are on the Basic Shopify plan or lower and want to use Stocky, then you can upgrade your plan and then install Stocky from the Shopify App Store.

Use demand forecasting when creating purchase orders

Purchase orders are what you send to your suppliers or manufacturers when you want to order more products. Ideally, you use them to match your expected sales so that you always have inventory on hand, but not so much inventory that you are spending too much on storage.

When creating a purchase order, Stocky can make suggestions about which and how many products that you should order. Stocky can either review a product’s recent order history, or take seasonal demand into account by reviewing the same period last year when making the recommendations.

After a purchase order is created, you can send it out to your manufacturers or suppliers directly within Stocky. After you receive the inventory, mark the purchase order as received to update your inventory levels.

To learn more about purchase orders with Stocky, refer to Stocky's help center.


You review of all your inventory with Stocky’s stocktake feature. Stocktakes are a way to count your current inventory, which keep your inventory levels accurate. You can perform a stocktake manually, or use a barcode scanner instead. Any updates to the inventory that happen during the stocktake are automatically applied to the product inventory levels in Shopify.

For example, if you run a retail location, you can use a barcode scanner stocktake to keep track of your current inventory.

To learn more about stocktakes with Stocky, refer to Stocky's help center.

Stock transfers

If you have excess inventory in one location, or a sudden demand shift requires inventory in a new location, then you can transfer stock between your locations and track it in Stocky. This lets you know where your inventory is at all times.

For example, if you know you’re having a regional sale in California, then you can transfer your stock ahead of time to the closest location to be ready for the sale. When the products arrive, you can accept the stock transfer within Stocky to update your inventory levels.

To learn more about stock transfers with Stocky, refer to Stocky's help center.

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