Finding apps

You can find apps for your store on the Shopify App Store. You can also download apps directly from an app developer's website.

You can browse the Shopify App Store in the supported languages that are available. To choose a language, use the language menu in the bottom-right corner of the page. After you choose a language, the navigation elements and categories in the Shopify App Store are all updated. Most app listings are available only in English, you need to search using terms in English to get the most complete set of results.

You can find apps in the Shopify App Store in two ways:

  • Use the search box to search for apps by feature, name, or category.
  • Use the Apps by category drop-down menu to find apps by category. Examples of categories are Orders and shipping and Selling products.

App recommendations

Personalized recommendations are provided for apps that can help you run or grow your business. These recommendations are based on stores that are similar to yours in terms of your gross market value (GMV), your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), your industry, your location, the age of your store, and other attributes. Some recommendations can also be informed by how you're already using Shopify.

You can review app recommendations in several places, including the Apps page in your Shopify admin, the Popular with stores like yours section on the Shopify App Store homepage, and the Shopify log out page.

App recommendations aren't advertisements. They're suggestions based on stores that are similar to yours, and are intended to match you with the apps that provide you with the most value. App developers can't pay Shopify to have an app display in recommendations.

Advertising on the Shopify App Store

To help you find apps that you can use to grow your business, app publishers can advertise on search results pages in the Shopify App Store. Any time a developer pays Shopify to display their app to you, it's marked with a label that says Ad.

How does Shopify know which ads to display to me?

Ads in the Shopify App Store displays on search result pages. Advertisers can target their ads based on search keywords. If you searched for a keyword that advertisers are targeting, then ads for those apps display on the search results page.

How are ads reviewed or approved by Shopify?

Only apps that have been approved by Shopify’s quality assurance team are eligible to advertise on the Shopify App Store. Ads can’t be customized by app developers, and they're based on information that was reviewed when the developer submitted their app to the Shopify App Store.

Can I opt out of seeing ads in the Shopify App Store?

You can't opt out of ads on the Shopify App Store. If you have feedback about the ads that display, then you can send an email to

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