Editing the checkout form options

You can change some of the fields on your checkout pages to be required, optional, or not included. Not all checkout form fields can be edited.

Customer contact method

The Customer contact method section determines which contact options display for customers at checkout. You can change the following options:

  • Select which contact method customers can use to checkout. You can choose from the following options:
    • Phone number or email
    • Email only
  • Select whether to display a link to prompt customers to download the Shop App.
  • Select whether to require customers to log into their account before checking out.

Customer information

The Customer information section determines which information customers are required to enter as part of the checkout process. You can change the following form options:

Table describing the form options available to edit for each of the customer information fields.
Customer informationDescriptionForm options
Full nameFirst and last name are two seperate form fields. You can change to a single form field by selecting Only require last name.
  • Only require last name
  • Require first and last name
Company nameIf a customer enters anything in the Company name field, then they'll have access to shipping options that are only available to business addresses. If you aren't selling to businesses, then you can remove the field by selecting Don't include in the checkout form options.

If you set the Company name to be Required during checkout, then some accelerated checkout options (such as Apple Pay and Meta Pay) won't be displayed as options.
  • Don't include
  • Optional
  • Required
Address line 2 (apartment, unit, etc.)The secondary address line allows customers to enter a secondary address unit designator such as an apartment, floor, unit, or department number. This form field should only be used for this purpose.

If this form field option is set to Required, or Don't include, then some customers might not be able to proceed with their purchase, depending on their type of residence.
  • Don't include
  • Optional
  • Required
Shipping address phone numberIf your payment provider or shipping carrier requires that the customer provide a phone number to complete the checkout, then set the phone number form field to Required. If some customers abandon their carts because they don't want to provide their phone number during an online checkout, then you can set the phone number form field to Optional.
  • Don't include
  • Optional
  • Required

All other form options are always required, including the Save this information for next time option from the checkout form.

If a customer selects Save this information for next time during their checkout, then the customer's browser saves the contact and shipping address information that they entered for your store. Next time that customer uses your checkout, their browser automatically fills their contact and shipping address information. Shopify doesn't store the customer's saved information. The information is cached by the customer's browser. After one year, Shopify causes the browser to clear the customer's cached information, providing the customer hasn't cleared their cache sooner.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. In the Customer information section, make the appropriate changes.

  3. Click Save.

Marketing options

The Marketing options section determines which options regarding signing up for marketing display to customers during checkout. You can activate the following options:

  • Email
    • Enabling Preselected means that the customer has to manually opt out of email marketing during checkout.
  • SMS
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