Shopify Experts FAQ

Find answers to some commons questions about working with Shopify Experts.

How do I find and hire a Shopify Expert?

Hiring an Expert gets you professional help with launching, designing, tweaking, and marketing your store. To find an Expert, submit a job request from your Shopify admin. After you enter a brief description of what you need, you're matched with Shopify Experts who have experience related to your project.

If you aren't sure how to answer some of the questions on the job request form, if you don't see the category that you need help in, or if there's anything else missing from the job request form that you'd like to be included, then contact Shopify Support.

You can also browse available Shopify Experts.

Who are Shopify Experts and how are they vetted?

Experts are vetted Shopify Partners who have proven experience building and growing Shopify stores.

What happens after I have submitted the job request?

After you submit your job request, you can expect to be contacted within 2 business days by one or more Shopify Experts. When you submit a job request, you are not committing to hiring a Shopify Expert. This step only submits a description of your project to available Experts, who then review your request. In your conversations with the Experts that you're matched with, you can decide on the work to be done, the price, and your expectations for the project.

What if I want to be matched with a different set of Experts?

The job request form can't create a new set of matches after you've submitted a request, but you can use the Shopify Experts listing to search for other available Shopify Experts.

What happens if I don't get a response to my job request within 48 hours?

There are a few reasons for not getting a response to your job request:

  • Your budget expectations did not match the job requirements.
  • Your matched Experts might be away from their office.
  • The matching algorithm doesn't yet include a match for the requirements of your job request.

If you haven't received any response after 48 hours, then consider contacting a consulting Expert.

How can I contact the Experts that I've been matched with?

We recommend waiting to contact an Expert until at least 24 hours after you've been matched with them, so that they can prepare a customized response to your job request. If you need to contact an Expert directly, then search for their profile at

How do I pay an Expert?

In most cases, an Expert sends an invoice directly to your email after you reach an agreement with them. You can pay the invoice from your Shopify admin. To learn more about how to pay Expert invoices, see Paying Shopify Experts.

What can I do if I have a complaint about an Expert?

You can contact Shopify Support for help with resolving the issue.

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